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Annual report

Our Annual Report plays an important role in fulfilling the department’s commitment to accountability and transparency by providing information on our performance against our strategic objectives.

View the 2020–2021 Annual Report.

The report highlights:

  • our achievements
  • our financial performance
  • our governance, direction and organisational development.

Our achievements for the tourism, sport and active recreation industries, and innovation sector are in line with our Strategic Plan and are supplemented by the 2020–2021 consultancy expenditure data.

View all Queensland Government department annual reports.

Note: no overseas travel recorded for the department during 2020-21.

Previous reports

The department was named and operated as the Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation (DSDTI) prior to the 12 November 2020. Consistent with this, the 2019–2020 Annual Report was published for DSDTI:

View the department's 2018–2019 Annual Report or previous annual reports.


The materials presented on this site are provided by the Queensland Government for information purposes only. Users should note that the electronic versions of financial statements on this site are not recognised as the official or authorised version. The electronic versions are provided solely on the basis that users will take responsibility for verifying their accuracy, completeness and currency. Although considerable resources are used to prepare and maintain the electronic versions, the Queensland Government accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person acting in reliance on the electronic versions.

The official copy of the annual report, as tabled in the Legislative Assembly of Queensland, can be accessed from the Queensland Parliament’s tabled papers website database.

Last updated: 30 Sep 2021