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Multicultural Action Plan

‘Our story, our future’ is the Queensland Government’s multicultural policy promoting an inclusive, harmonious and united community for Queensland. The policy focuses Queensland Government action on three policy priorities for culturally diverse communities and Queensland as a whole, achieving culturally responsive government, supporting inclusive, harmonious and united communities, and improving economic opportunities.

The policy is being implemented through a three-year Queensland Multicultural Action Plan 2016–17 — 2018–19.

The Queensland Government's Multicultural Policy and Action Plan a requirement of the Multicultural Recognition Act 2016 (the Act) and represents one of three key provisions of the Act, together with establishing the Multicultural Queensland Charter and Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council.

The Act also requires entities with actions in the action plan to report publicly on an annual basis.

View the Former DITID - Multicultural Action Plan Annual Report 2018–19.

View the Former DITID — Multicultural Action Plan Annual Report 2019–20.

Last updated: 16 Jul 2021