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Former department's disclosure logs

This disclosure log provides details about applications made under the Right to Information Act 2009 (the RTI Act) to the following former departments and their responsible former ministers:

  • Former Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development (20 September 2019 – 12 November 2020)
  • Former Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development and the Commonwealth Games (13 December 2018 – 19 September 2019); and
  • Former Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games (applications from 1 April 2015 to 12 December 2018).

The disclosure log is managed in accordance with sections 78 and 78B of the RTI Act and in conjunction with the Ministerial Guidelines: Operation of Publication Schemes and Disclosure Logs.

If you have any questions about the disclosure log or need documents in a format different to the published format, please contact the Right to Information team on (07) 3452 6961 or by email at

Last updated: 10 Nov 2022