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Our strategies

We’re shaping Queensland’s future by driving economic development across our state as we work together to unite and recover from COVID-19.

Our strategies communicate our key priorities, strategies and measures of success.

Strategic Plan 2020–2024

Our Strategic Plan outlines our vision to shape a Queensland of the future by driving economic and industry growth, attracting investment, maximising our potential as a dynamic visitor destination and building our innovation economy.

Our purpose is to support the transformation of the Queensland economy by leading industry and state development, creating a more competitive and resilient tourism sector, and harnessing our innovation strengths, for the benefit of all Queenslanders.

Read the DTIS Strategic Plan 2020–2024 on the Queensland Government Publications website.

Deadly Innovation Strategy

The Advance Queensland Deadly Innovation Strategy seeks to deliver jobs and economic wealth for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Our department is committed to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business leaders and innovators access the experts, inspiration and opportunities to generate new ideas and grow their sector.

We do this by harnessing relationships, strengthening respect and creating opportunity.

Read the Deadly Innovation Strategy

We invite all Queenslanders to read the full version of Deadly Innovation Strategy. The strategy outlines the three core aims that have been identified for action:

  • Aim 1: Government will hear, by identifying and supporting a pathway for Indigenous businesses and innovators to achieve success.
  • Aim 2: Government will share, by broadening access to existing opportunities.
  • Aim 3: Government will activate, by securing funding and backing feasible deals.

Visit the Advance Queensland website to learn more about the strategy.

Tourism Strategy

The Queensland Government has a long-term commitment to grow the state’s tourism industry.

Advancing Tourism 2016–20 is our plan to grow tourism and jobs. It seeks to capitalise on the unprecedented growth in tourism to increase market share and boost tourism jobs by targeting four priority areas:

  1. Grow quality products — build on Queensland’s reputation for the variety, quality and safety of its destinations and its unique and niche world-class products and experiences.
  2. Invest in infrastructure and access — ensure that modern, high quality infrastructure is in place and visitors can enjoy seamless travel to and around Queensland.
  3. Build a skilled workforce and business capabilities — match tourism growth potential with a skilled workforce providing high quality service and building skills to meet future demand.
  4. Seize the opportunity in Asia — deliver an accelerated and targeted approach to maximise the opportunities in high-yield, rapid growth Asian markets.

Read more about the Tourism Strategy.

Advance Queensland Strategy

The Advance Queensland Building Our Innovation Economy strategy is a blueprint for Queensland's future to drive job growth and solve some of the state's largest challenges through innovation.

Through the Advance Queensland initiative the Queensland Government has invested $755 million to make Queensland’s innovation economy stronger.

This strategy identifies our future priorities and the key directions that will enable us to focus our efforts, solve our big challenges and prepare Queenslanders for the work of the future — by driving economic growth and creating jobs through innovation.

It sets out four key priorities that will be delivered in partnership with our stakeholders in as part of the next phase of Advance Queensland:

  1. Build on Queensland's strengths
  2. Back our regions to compete globally
  3. Scale up local solutions for new markets
  4. Invest in science and technology to create jobs

We encourage you to visit the Advance Queensland website and read the new strategy to learn more about our immediate actions and future directions and to discover some of the inspiring achievements in innovation, so far.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2020