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Microbe in natural preservative fights off fruit flies

10 August 2019

A microbe that helps keep produce fresh for longer may be a natural weapon against fruit fly.

Sunshine Coast company Cluster Biotechnology, which has developed a biopreservative that can radically cut the amount of fruit and vegetables going to waste, has discovered that their product may be a natural pesticide.

The secret ingredient in the Apical Foodie product is a microbe carried on the body of feral foxes that kills bad bacteria and fungi.
When spraying Apical Foodie on a range of fruit and salad vegetables, the company discovered their formulation not only extended fruit shelf life by two weeks to 45 days, but also seemed to protect peaches from fruit fly larvae.

Cluster Biotechnology received over $90,000 from the Queensland Government’s Ignite Ideas fund to explore the effect of Apical Foodie on fruit fly and further develop their innovative product.

Contact: DITID Media