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Funding for Qld innovations against COVID-19

13 August 2020

The Queensland Government has drawn a line in the sand against COVID-19 with the announcement of $6.15 million in Advance Queensland funding for key research in the battle against the disease.

Thirty-two scientists have received an Advance Queensland COVID-19 Industry Research Fellowship.

The researchers are working across a wide front – from reducing the spread of coronavirus in hospitals by developing surfaces that deactivate viruses to repurposing a promising anti-cancer drug as a potential treatment to using artificial intelligence to prevent suicides due to the pandemic.

Even if we manage to overcome COVID-19 within the next year, the research projects will lay the all-important groundwork in helping Queensland prepare for future pandemics.

A key element of the Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships is that the recipients must work with industry partners.

This is to ensure that their research has real-world application – with the potential for clear benefits for the health and well-being of Queenslanders and the Queensland economy.

For this round of the fellowships program, partners range from medical device manufacturers to medtech start-ups to hospitals and other research institutes.

The COVID-19 Industry Research Fellowships are part of the $755 million whole-of-government Advance Queensland initiative to foster innovation and build a more diversified Queensland economy.