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Volunteers aged 56+ needed for next phase of trials on Qld COVID-19 vaccine

27 August 2020

Recruitment begins today for another 96 Queensland volunteers who are 56 and over to trial The University of Queensland’s (UQ) promising COVID-19 vaccine.

Clinical trial specialist Nucleus Network is looking for more healthy volunteers over the age of 56 years to take part in an expansion of the Phase 1 clinical trial.

The Phase 1 trial is about testing the vaccine’s ability to safely stimulate the immune response.

With coronavirus on the increase worldwide, a vaccine is a vital step for returning to a pre-COVID lifestyle.

The Nucleus Network trial is an important part of the UQ vaccine’s development.

Phase 1 clinical trials began on 13 July 2020 with volunteers aged between 18 and 55 years.

With COVID-19 appearing to be more severe in older individuals, more testing will ensure the vaccine is safe for use in older people.

So far, pre-clinical testing of UQ’s vaccine has produced positive indications about its potential effectiveness and manufacturability.

The Phase 1 trial will help the researchers understand more about how different people respond to the vaccine.

The volunteers will play a key role in potentially protecting millions of people worldwide.

Volunteers go through a medical screening process to ensure they are eligible before they are selected to participate in the trial.
To find how you can volunteer, visit the Participate in The COVID-19 Vaccine Study page.

Frequently asked questions (PDF) for participating in a COVID-19 vaccine trial.