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New runway promises more travel and trade for Sunshine Coast

12 June 2020

The Sunshine Coast Airport’s new runway was officially handed over to operators on 12 June 2020, opening up more travel and export opportunities for the region just north of Brisbane.

The longer runway will allow new direct flights and larger passenger jets to land, enabling more tourists into the region famed for its beaches and hinterland, and more cargo to be traded interstate and overseas.

At 2450 metres long, Runway 13/31 is over half a kilometre longer than the one it replaces. The international-standard runway means the airport can accept bigger planes and direct flights to and from all ports in Australia as well as Asia and the Western Pacific.

The $334 million runway project will assist the region’s economic recovery after the COVID-19 lockdown and generate millions of dollars for local businesses through tourism.

The airport expansion project was a partnership between Sunshine Coast Council and Palisade Investment Partners, which owns the airport. It was assisted by a loan from Queensland Treasury. The works are the biggest piece of infrastructure delivered by Sunshine Coast Council.