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Recruitment for UQ COVID-19 vaccine trial begins today

18 June 2020

Recruitment begins today for 120 Queensland residents to volunteer trialling The University of Queensland’s (UQ) promising COVID-19 vaccine.

Clinical trial specialist Nucleus Network is looking for healthy volunteers between 18 and 55 years of age to take part in a Phase 1 clinical trial.

The Phase 1 trial is about testing the vaccine’s ability to safely stimulate the immune response.

With coronavirus on the increase worldwide, a vaccine is a vital step for returning to a pre-COVID lifestyle.

The Nucleus Network trial is an important part of the UQ vaccine’s development.

It is the only sure way of determining if the vaccine works.

So far, lab tests have shown the vaccine as highly effective in generating antibodies capable of neutralising the virus.

The Phase 1 trial will help the researchers understand more about how different people respond to the vaccine.

The volunteers will play a key role in potentially saving millions of lives worldwide.

Volunteers go through a medical screening process to ensure they are fit, well and eligible before they are selected to participate in the trial.

To find how you can volunteer, visit

Frequently asked questions (PDF) for participating in a COVID-19 vaccine trial.