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Aspen Medical boosts face mask production

15 September 2020

Aspen Medical - a Brendale healthcare manufacturer is now producing three million face masks per month to be used in the fight against COVID-19 thanks to support from the government’s $150 million Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund.

Aspen Medical’s new machinery at their facility in Brisbane’s northern suburbs is manufacturing more than three million face masks in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Growing Queensland’s manufacturing sector to create thousands of jobs for locals has been a huge priority and now that down payment is reaping huge benefits for Queensland during our time of need.

Aspen Medical has invested approximately $2 million to purchase cutting-edge machines to produce three-ply and soon N95 face masks, to fit out the factory and commission the machinery.

These masks will now be distributed throughout Queensland and also transported to Sydney and Melbourne to help contain the spread in some of the worst-affected coronavirus hotspots.

Along with Aspen, a number of other Queensland manufacturing plants were producing protective equipment and medical supplies to help in the fight against coronavirus including respirators, face shields, and hand sanitiser.

In the past, PPE used in Australia has had to be imported because we have not had the manufacturing industry required to meet demand.

Before coronavirus, only five per cent of Australia’s medical masks were produced in Australia – at a small factory in Shepparton Victoria.

But by backing our manufacturing sector, Queensland has more capacity to respond to crises like this pandemic.

Aspen Medical expected 35 new full-time jobs would be created in the first year of operation, growing Queensland’s base of highly skilled workers.

In the future the company will look to expand its manufacturing capabilities across other product lines for both the domestic and export markets.

That’s why there is a strong focus on manufacturing in the government’s economic recovery plan – to create jobs and stimulate our economy by investing in an industry with huge potential for the future in Queensland.

Aspen Medical Manufacturing manufactured over a million ‘other type’ masks in June and will soon ramp up production of the more clinical N95 masks.

The Queensland facility will produce PPE to the highest Australian standards and ultimately source all raw material from within Australia.

Aspen Medical was founded in 2003, operates across Australia, the Pacific, the United States, Europe, Africa and the Gulf region and employs more than 3000 highly trained professionals.

It was named as the joint winner of the Exporter of the Year at the 2018 Australian Export Awards in addition to winning the Health and Biotechnology category.

The Advance Queensland Industry Attraction Fund is supporting our recovery by securing projects and investment for the state.