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Shailer Park school’s new basketball court to benefit Logan community

27 April 2021

Logan Thunder basketball players will have an extra space to shoot hoops after a $1.53 million refurbishment of an indoor sports hall at Shailer Park State High School.

The Community Use of Schools project will see the school facilities get an upgrade – a new state-of-the-art hardwood floor, basketball hoops, a scoreboard and line markings.

The school can now fit all its students into the one space so they can hold whole school events and assemblies.

The wider community will also benefit as clubs including Logan Basketball, Logan Lightning Football Club and Cornubia Park Netball will be able to train and play on the new surface.

Logan Basketball has more than 2000 members and limited playing space so the new facilities will make a big difference as the club can hold more programs, training and competitions.

The project is one of four pilot projects funded through a 2017 election commitment, building infrastructure based on shared facilities.