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QAS Out of the Blocks with Double the Investment

26 July 2021

The Queensland Government is investing more than $29.28 million over the next two years to kickstart a transformational 2032 High Performance Sport Strategy delivered by the Queensland Academy of Sport.

The additional $15 million per annum, effectively doubles the QAS budget.

This funding will support the implementation of the first stage of the new QAS 2032 High Performance Sport Strategy to deliver the Vision of ‘Inspiring Extraordinary Sporting Success’ for Queensland, and the Nation.

QAS Chief Executive Chelsea Warr said “This Strategy could not have been developed without the expert input and engagement of sports, athletes and coaches, staff, and system partners.

We started this journey in September 2020, undertaking a robust strategic review. We listened to more than 450 of our industry stakeholders, state-wide and nationally, about how the QAS could better support our most promising athletes to take on the world and win.

"Together we developed a 2032 Strategy to get us out the blocks and on the runway to Paris, Los Angeles, and potentially a 2032 home Games.

“Pursuing excellence at the highest level rarely happens in isolation. It requires exceptional teamwork and collaboration to leverage this incredible opportunity.”

The Queensland Government is also providing $3,000 grants to all eligible Tokyo-bound Queensland athletes in recognition of their selection onto the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams.