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Australia’s largest dinosaur recognised by scientists discovered in Queensland

08 June 2021

A new species of giant sauropod dinosaurs Australotitan cooperensis has been named in southwest Queensland – cementing the state’s reputation as Australia’s dinosaur capital.

After being discovered in Eromanga by graziers in 2007, the dinosaur skeleton has been studied by scientists and has now been scientifically named by the Queensland Museum and Eromanga Natural History Museum palaeontologists.

Originally nicknamed “Cooper” after Cooper Creek, the fossil will be showcased at the Eromanga Natural History Museum and joins Queensland’s growing number of dinosaur attractions spread across the region.

The Australotitan is estimated to have reached a height of 5-6.5 metres at the hip and 25- 30 metres in length, and sits within the top 10-15 largest dinosaurs world-wide.

This is a huge boost to Queensland’s already booming dinosaur tourism trail – driving visitors and creating jobs in Outback Queensland.

The discovery gives visitors more reasons to visit the outback and follows the commitment by the Queensland Government to deliver a roadmap to grow dinosaur tourism across Outback Queensland.