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Giant bronze dinosaurs boost attractions at Winton

10 May 2021

Winton’s Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in outback Queensland will have even more to attract travellers, with the arrival of two life-sized bronze sauropod dinosaurs and 11 smaller ornithopods and theropods, and construction of new attractions.

The Queensland Government-supported Dynamic Destination project that features new sculptures, a new observatory and covered dinosaur trackway is now open.

The work being done under the Government’s Growing Tourism Infrastructure Fund is being coupled with existing attractions.

Digitally sculpted by Australian paleo-artist Travis Tischler and cast in Thailand, the 17 and 10 metre long sauropods will walk the edge of Dinosaur Canyon.

Other enhancements include new pathways, seating, lighting and balustrades, a sealed road between attractions, and shaded shuttle-bus stations.

The Museum has been welcoming scores of new visitors and has been designing new products, improving services and channelling energy into making the Outback an even better place to visit.