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2021 FairPlay survey results

01 August 2022

The FairPlay Voucher Program seeks to overcome financial barriers by providing targeted support to children aged 5-17 from low-income families, to enable physical activity participation at the grassroots level.

Eligible families may qualify for a voucher of up to $150 per child per calendar year, to cover the cost of membership, registration and/or participation fees with registered physical activity providers.

We undertake annual surveys of FairPlay voucher recipients to assess satisfaction levels with the program. The survey also assesses a range of other measures including the impact of FairPlay vouchers in increasing physical activity, the value that the vouchers offered and what additional costs were incurred, as well as the level of support offered by clubs in the voucher redemption process.

The most recent FairPlay survey was conducted in 2021, with over 14,800 respondents across the State.

Some of the survey findings include:

Satisfaction with the FairPlay Program

  • 97% were satisfied or extremely satisfied with FairPlay.
  • 98% were extremely likely or somewhat likely to recommend FairPlay to other people.
  • 88% thought applying was easy and 84% were happy with the functionality of the website.

Benefits to participants

  • 82% indicated that FairPlay increased their child’s physical activity a little or a lot.
  • 99% of redeemed FairPlay vouchers resulted in children participating in their chosen activity.
  • Participating children displayed improved physical skills, confidence and mental health.

Satisfaction with service providers and activities

  • 91% considered the service offered by clubs in redeeming vouchers was good or excellent.
  • 83% considered the choice of service providers and activities to be good or excellent.
  • 77% thought the level of flexibility in choosing activities was good or excellent.

Costs of participation and the value of the FairPlay vouchers

  • 81% viewed FairPlay vouchers as offering good or excellent value.
  • Overall costs vary by activity, age cohort, location and gender, impacting perceived value of FairPlay.
  • Extra participation costs beyond the vouchers were <$100 (49%), $100-$200 (27%), >$200 (20%).

Other survey observations

  • Beyond costs, the main barriers to participation were time (29%), none (18%) and transport (11%).
  • 66.2% of children aged 5-17 undertook vigorous physical activity > 1 hour, 3 times per week*.
  • Almost one third of participants used FairPlay for the first time, indicating its expanding reach.

* This meets the Australian Guidelines of recommended physical activity for children of that age.

These results will aid us in improving the program and continuing to boost its success across the state.