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Innovative projects funded through ActiveKIT Round 2

09 December 2022

A total of 25 innovative projects looking to put an active lifestyle within reach of more Queenslanders have been approved under Round 2 of the ActiveKIT initiative

The successful projects have been designed by the active industry, start-ups and small businesses to get more Queenslanders physically active.

ActiveKIT embraces Knowledge, Innovation and Technology to encourage new and innovative ways of helping people get active.

Organisations have been encouraged to collaborate in Round 2 to produce inclusive, flexible and social physical activity products and programs aimed at increasing the number of opportunities available for Queenslanders.

Some of the successful projects include:

  • An interactive hybrid health and wellbeing platform to support physical activity
  • An anti-gravity treadmill to support people with a disability in Toowoomba
  • Implementation of the Connected Courts application to increase opportunities to play basketball
  • Keyless access to a sports centre and swimming pool to increase physical activity in Georgetown
  • A modified Hockey5 initiative for children and young people
  • Delivery of the Eat, Move, Breath program to improve health literacy and support physical activity of people in Bundaberg

Round 2 of ActiveKIT is supported by Health and Wellbeing Queensland through co-funding and co-design and offers funding across two tiers: Tier 1; up to $100,000 and Tier 2; between $100,001 and $200,000, with the successful projects to be delivered from October 2022.