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Extra support for young Queenslanders to compete

26 July 2022

Queensland athletes, coaches and officials are getting a kickstart to compete at eligible state, national and international championships through the revised Emerging Athlete Pathways program that will help pay their travel and accommodation costs.

Eligible Queenslanders can now receive support before their event when they are selected, instead of after, and the minimum travel distance has been halved to 125km, so more people qualify.

Selected athletes, coaches and officials from 10 to 18 years-of-age can apply for $500 to compete or officiate at a state or state school event, $600 for a national or national school event or $800 for an international event.

Participants in a wide range of sports who need to travel at least 125km are encouraged to apply, to give them the best chance of continuing on their development journey, following their dreams and reaching their full potential.

In 2021-22 the Emerging Athlete Pathways program invested $992,900 to support Queensland athletes, coaches and officials on 2638 occasions, helping maximise Queensland’s potential on the world stage.

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