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North Lakes State College opens new sporting facilities

24 March 2022

A million-dollar redevelopment of sporting facilities is set to change the game for North Lakes State College students while opening the school’s main field up to use by more community sporting organisations.

The main oval has been redeveloped with new turf laid, while there are also new change rooms, amenities, sandstone spectator seating and a kiosk with a lighting upgrade to energy efficient LED 100 lux capacity.

The works are funded through a $1 million contribution from the Active Community Infrastructure program, to build and improve school facilities so they can be used by community sporting clubs as well as students.

The sporting clubs who will initially use the facility are The Lakes and Mustangs Football clubs but the school hopes to get more sporting organisations involved, particularly with the lighting upgrade that extends the hours the facility can be used by the community.

A total of $5.9 million has been approved towards school infrastructure projects since 2015.