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Working Holiday Makers are coming!

27 May 2022

Tourism and Events Queensland have launched phase one of its global Working Holidayer campaign.

The purpose of the campaign is to promote Queensland to international and domestic Working Holiday Makers as a rewarding employment destination offering an unbeatable holiday lifestyle.

Working Holiday Makers are a valuable workforce for Queensland’s tourism industry, with the Work in Paradise jobs website the place to go for job seekers to find a tourism job in Queensland.

Since it launched mid last year, the Work in Paradise jobs website has attracted almost 3,000 registered users and has advertised more than 8,000 cumulative unique jobs on the site.

The Queensland Working Holidayer campaign is pushing jobseekers to the Work in Paradise website, so now is a great time for tourism businesses to advertise their job vacancies

Businesses can get noticed by creating an employer profile at no cost and direct job seekers back to their jobs board. Regions can also target jobseekers in their social media and on websites by using the regions job search link from their regional profile on the site.

Businesses can also get involved in the Queensland Working Holidayer campaign for no charge by offering deals on, utilising the campaign logo in marketing, and tagging Queensland’s social channels in social media posts.