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Deals pour in for Rockhampton concreting family

05 July 2021

A Rockhampton-based Indigenous business has deals pouring in to use its innovative concrete slip-former system.

Run by the Davis family, BCF Concreting provides concrete and services to civil and civic construction projects and livestock feedlots in Queensland and NSW.

The company received an Advance Queensland Deadly Deals grant which helped them secure a GPS guidance system to maximise the accuracy of slip-forming machines that produce concrete road curbs, pathways and barriers.

Founder Mr Mick Davis said kilometres of slip-formed curbs and other concrete structures were included in road building throughout Queensland, and his company was now attracting additional contracts thanks to a more competitive method.

“The Deadly Deals grant helped us secure and fit a guidance system to our SP25 Wirtgen slip-forming machine, giving us a more accurate system than the traditional string-line method,” Mr Davis said.

“A curb that’s more than 10 millimetres too thick or thin will cause a job to be rejected, wasting valuable time, concrete and resources. This happened to us once, and after talking to other operators who had found problems with the accuracy of string lines, we set out to find a solution.

“The GPS-guided machine achieves 99 per cent accuracy, cuts the laying time and costs, and increases output, while reducing waste.

“It’s the most accurate system on the market, with a tolerance of plus or minus five millimetres, and solves an industry-wide problem. We think it’s one of the first applications of GPS technology to this method of concrete forming.

“BCF Concreting is nationally recognised for innovation in the agricultural and concrete construction sector. We have four patented innovations, and we’ve won multiple awards.

“We’re a Rockhampton company with local employees and state-of-the-art machinery.

“The GPS innovation has already helped us secure $150,000 in new work contracts and three new jobs for Indigenous people in communities in the first few months. We are also negotiating a number of other deals which will result in more opportunities,” Mr Davis said.

“BCF Concreting is committed to Indigenous participation and will continue to make a difference for the people now and in future generations, through training and employment opportunities.

“Success is what inspires our generation of people, in which we are determined through resilience and hard work to make anything possible,” Mr Davis said.

Visit the Advance Queensland website to learn more about the Deadly Deals program.