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Peninsula Power encouraging female participation in football

11 March 2021

Queensland Women’s Week 2021 is drawing to a close so it’s an opportune time to celebrate a local Brisbane football club and their tremendous efforts to foster greater female participation.

The Peninsula Power Football Club, founded in 2000, is the result of the amalgamation of two local clubs - Margate Football Club and Redcliffe Football Club. The club has proven to be a force to be reckoned with, competing in the National Premier League and City League with teams for both men and women, as well as divisional boys and girls’ competitions.

A few years ago, the club quickly recognised a growing trend in female participation in football across the country and took steps better accommodate this growth. They made it a priority to improve their change rooms and amenities to not only cater for their existing 180 female players, but also to attract more female members to the club.

The club successfully applied for infrastructure funding through the department, receiving close to $170,000 to construct several new female facilities, including two change rooms, two additional referee rooms, six toilets and six showers.

Since completion of the project in July 2019, the club has had many reasons to celebrate. Not only can they now cater for more female participants, they can also host local schools and community groups, as well as events, championships and carnivals.

Even more impressive is the 30 per cent increase in female members since construction wrapped up, which they are hoping to double in the near future.

Club Treasurer, Nicole Dymock said the new facilities provided their female members with more privacy, fantastic showers, and a change area.

“We are continuing to focus on our female programs and in 2020 we applied and were accepted into the National Women’s Premier League and our facilities were a factor in this bid.

“We also introduced our Power Girls Academy for players from 9 to 16 years of age.

“As we grow in this area, we will definitely be looking at more future funding applications,” she said.

The club also has a dedicated Football Technical Director to help attract more female members to the club, offering women and girls in the community a place to play at any level – from beginners to advanced.