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Improved internet connectivity helping Mad Mumzie go global

23 September 2020

Improved internet connectivity for the Mackay region will mean local blogger, podcast producer and online educator, Leanne Drew can share her material with a broader audience and help her clients spread their message globally.

Working under the pseudonym of Mad Mumzie, Leanne Drew is both the host and producer of her podcast Beers with a Miner.

“I help people interested in working in the industry to understand what working in the mining industry is really like. Not everyone is cut out to be a miner, and my podcast explains what it takes to both survive and thrive in this industry,” Ms Drew said.

“I’m from a family of miners and was a heavy machinery driver or 13 years, so I know the industry inside out and just tell it like it is.

“Lots of newbies think a job in the mine will solve all their problems – lots of money and lots of time off, but it’s not like that.

“I also use my skills as a podcast producer and online course creator to help clients share their talents with the world, and I author a blog and write for Shift Miner magazine.”

Ms Drew says improved internet will mean better online connections for podcast interviews.

“These are usually over Zoom and when one of us has a dodgy internet connection, it results in voices not being clear during interviews, and it being difficult to capture content professionally,” Ms Drew said.

“We are actually on the coast with a tower in sight, but on those cloudy or windy days it is not reliable – and rainy days are even worse.

"Improved connectivity means a better content, it allows me to conduct more interviews and recordings for my online courses, allowing me to better service my online clients.”

The improved connectivity and capacity will be made available thanks to QCN Fibre – a new telecommunications company jointly owned by Powerlink Queensland and Energy Queensland.

QCN Fibre was formed to help regional business development by using government owned spare fibre optic cabling and selling this “backhaul” capacity to providers on a wholesale basis.

The backhaul cabling – high-capacity lines that transmit between sites or to a central point – is being made available to carry internet and data services at capacities up to 100Gbs, for businesses and residences.

QCN Fibre was partnering with local internet service providers, as well as the major carriers, to improve coverage, capacity and cost in the regions.

On a personal level, Ms Drew said better internet was crucial for her to Zoom with her family, who are spread far and wide.

“This helps us all feel loved, loving and needed, especially during these times andwe all need to connect with the world, regularly and reliably – be it 50kms down the road or in another time zone,” Ms Drew said.