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Jarramali Rock Art Tours

13 November 2020

Queensland is rich in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements – and one Queenslander that embodies this richness and success is Western Kuku Yalanji man, Johnny Murison.

Johnny is the proud Founder of Jarramali Rock Art Tours, a thriving 100% Aboriginal owned and operated tour guide company that shares the history and culture of pristine and culturally meaningful rock art sites in Far North Queensland.

Whether exploring these sites as an individual or in a group tour, Johnny said his tours provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Queensland’s Aboriginal history and culture.

“Jarramali Rock Art Tours helps visitors to explore locations such as the 'Magnificent' rock art site – a site that archaeologists predict as being a 20,000-year-old, outback museum,” Johnny said.

“This ruggedly beautiful and powerful place in the remote backdrop of Cape York, gives visitors an experience of a real sense of connection to country, one that impacts all of their senses, resulting in an incredible, once in a lifetime, Aboriginal cultural tour experience.”

While Jarramali Rock Art Tours has already been recognised as one of Australia’s premier Indigenous Experiences by Tourism Australia, Johnny plans on continuing the momentum and sharing Aboriginal culture through his business.

“We want to be one of the most sought after and the top Indigenous tourism experience in Queensland and continue to educate and share our history and culture with visitors, not only domestically, but across the international market,” Johnny said.

“This will help us to leverage the fame of the Magnificent Rock Art Site, allowing us to continue investment in the maintenance of the ancient site and expand employment and training opportunities of traditional owners.”

With the tourism sector being impacted this year by the COVID-19 pandemic, Johnny said reaching out for support from tourism industry networks and government schemes had proved vital for tourism operators.

“The COVID-19 Small Business Grant was critical for us. It helped us secure insurance for the next year, engage in training and mentoring, and allowed us to continue driving marketing to create more awareness about our business and its various products,” Johnny said.

“This financial boost, coupled with industry and peer support, allowed us to maintain our business and implement strategic planning, so we are strong and ready to go.”

When it comes to shining a light on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business and innovation, Johnny said it is important for Queenslanders as it provides the inspiration to believe and work toward achieving your own dreams.

“Highlighting Queensland’s Indigenous business sector is very important. There are so many excellent Indigenous businesses out there that are mixing it with the best,” he said.

“Not only is it exciting to see who is kicking their goals in business, it’s also inspiring for others and could just be the push needed to help them take steps to achieve their dreams or take their goals to the next level.”