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New partnerships sparks faster internet, greater capacity and better coverage for Darling Downs businesses

07 August 2020

Businesses in the Darling Downs have received a significant boost to their online capability, enabling them to compete on an even playing field with their metropolitan counter-parts for new business opportunities and paving the way for the road to economic recovery.

An inked agreement with QCN Fibre, Toowoomba’s Pulse Data Centre and Queensland internet service provider Over the Wire will provide better and more affordable internet for thousands of businesses in the region.

Using 10,000 kilometres of state-owned optical fibre to provide a stronger, more reliable and cost effective internet connection throughout regional Queensland, QCN Fibre will open up new opportunities for regional business, playing a key role in helping Queensland’s economy recover from COVID-19.

Pulse Data Centre General Manager John Henderson said it was important to not only have great internet access throughout Australia, but also specifically in regional Queensland.

“Having internet connectivity is just so key to doing business these days.

Great connectivity is key for innovation and will really allow companies to invest and take their products to the next level,” he added.

Established in 2018 and built by engineering company FKG Group, Toowoomba’s Pulse Data Centre houses telecommunications and data storage systems in a high-security setting.

Mr Henderson said that bringing the local RSPCA online – the Darling Down’s first customer as a result of the agreement, would provide innovative business solutions for the organisation, including access to the cloud as well as a full range of other sophisticated internet services.

According to the CEO of RSPCA Queensland, Darren Maier, these solutions will support the care and re-homing of rescued animals in the region.

Mr Henderson added that COVID-19 also provided an amazing opportunity for innovation and that the internet played a key role.

“I think we’ll look back and realise there’s been multiple years of innovation happen in the space of a couple of months and connectivity was key to that and - it was one of the most important parts of it and everyone needed more bandwidth,” he added.

Over the Wire Co-Founder and Director Mr Brent Paddon concurred that QCN Fibre had opened up opportunities for regional business.

“Not only will QCN Fibre deliver the access, but more importantly it will enable local ISPs and the technology companies to thrive by allowing them to compete on a level playing field against the big national carriers.

“Until now, regional Queensland was not on our radar as we couldn’t compete against the established big carriers.

“QCN Fibre will allow us to challenge that status quo where we can now deliver internet, voice and data services to regional customers at the same price as we do in the middle of Brisbane with high speeds adding to the point of difference”  he added.

QCN Fibre is a Queensland Government telecommunications company jointly owned by Powerlink Queensland and Energy Queensland with a mission to improve regional connectivity through leveraging spare telecommunication capacity in government owned fibre networks.

QCN Fibre Chief Executive Officer Mr Derek Merdith said QCN Fibre partners with local ISPs, as well as the major carriers, in regional Queensland to enable them to offer their customers much better backhaul capacity and internet speeds at very competitive pricing equivalent to established city-based data centres.

“Queensland has over 10,000 kilometres of fibre optic cabling owned by the State power companies and QCN Fibre has access to all of this fibre,” he said.

“We are now making this fibre available, particularly to regional Queensland. This will carry business and residential internet and data services at capacities of up to 100 gigabits per second – that’s about 10 times faster than what Toowoomba has access to now,” he said.

Mr Merdith added that the Pulse Data Centre was a significant investment in the region and attracting local, regional and international businesses.

“For large businesses, the Pulse Data Centre represents a very good alternative to established data centres. For local and regional businesses, it means they can base their technology infrastructure locally,” he concluded.

For more information about QCN Fibre, click here.