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Redcliffe gym activates seniors

14 October 2021

October is Queensland Seniors Month and what better time to shine a spotlight on two senior superstars, Ken (83) and Joan (70), who love finding their fitness groove at Peninsula Fitness in Redcliffe!

The gang at Peninsula Fitness (Your Travel and Cruise) received $98,000 under the Queensland Government's ActiveKIT funding program to deliver an innovative, specially tailored fitness program for people aged 45 and over.

They noted that this age group were often deterred to visit 24-hour gyms and Peninsula Fitness were determined to address this and turn things around. With tailored programs, equipment and separate training rooms, participation levels at the gym are booming and happy clients like Ken and Joan are testament to this.

Ken, 83 , from Redcliffe said “I enjoy exercising as often as possible to ensure I keep in shape. I enjoy coming to Peninsula Fitness because it has a good number of members in my age range, or at least within 20 years! The equipment is easy to use with plenty of space to move around even when it is busy.”

Joan, 70, from Woody Point said “I find exercising at Peninsula Fitness not only helps my physically but also gives me a mental boost each time I come in. I talk to the staff and other members and everyone is so friendly, they make me feel like a part of the community here.”

Well done Ken and Joan and congratulations Peninsula Fitness for helping the Queensland Government 'shift the dial' in the Active Industry and get more Queenslander's physically active.