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The Balnggarrawarra Melsonby Rangers tourism dream becoming a reality

06 July 2021

The Balnggarrawarra Melsonby Rangers have been looking after country for the last 10 years.

With the help and support from the Land and Sea Ranger Program and South Cape York Catchment, the Ranger team have been working hard building walking tracks, clearing a campground at Rocky Bend on the pristine Normanby River and also getting their Certificate Three in Tourism and Guiding.

Melsonby is located six hours north-east of Cairns along the Battle Camp Road, Balngarrawarra Country and is a great place to attract tourists. It has a stunning landscape of rugged sandstone escarpments, open woodland, paper bark lined rivers, Billabongs and wetlands. There is some amazing rock art complemented by traditional culture and ecological knowledge that makes this Country a desirable place to visit.

With the help of the Our Country Indigenous Tourism Development team, the Balngarrawarra Melsonby Rangers  secured funding from the Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund for a feasibility and business case study.

Melsonby Cultural and Camping Adventures have been practicing their half day tours and hope to start taking bookings and operating in early 2022.