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Townsville data centre to help improve internet services for regional and remote business

22 September 2020

Townsville based data centre, cloud and connectivity services provider iseek is set to deliver on its mission to improve services for businesses in regional and remote Queensland, thanks to improved internet services from an alliance with QCN Fibre.

iseek Managing Director, Jason Gomersall said the company provides services using its national data network and growing network of data centres. This includes the Townsville-based North Queensland Regional Data Centre, and a third data centre planned for Brisbane that is due for completion in September 2020.

“Numerous studies have shown that access to better information, communication and technology (ICT) services will trigger economic activation, supporting industry growth, leading to more jobs and boosting the overall prospects and liveability of regional areas,” Mr Gomersall said.

“In the current environment of the pandemic, reliable high-quality internet services are essential for remote working and learning.”

Mr Gomersall said previously, high costs and poor performance were a barrier for many businesses, government organisations and services, and community organisations in regional Queensland.

“Improved internet and backhaul services are lowering costs and improving service quality,” Mr Gomersall said.

“This will create more opportunities for Queensland businesses and other organisations as they are able to access a growing range of affordable, quality communications and data services from providers like iseek.”

QCN Fibre is a new telecommunications company jointly owned by Powerlink Queensland and Energy Queensland, formed to help regional business development by using the spare fibre optic cabling and selling this “backhaul” capacity to providers on a wholesale basis.

The backhaul cabling – high-capacity lines that transmit between sites or to a central point - is being made available to carry internet and data services at capacities up to 100Gbs, for businesses and residences.

According to Mr Gomersall, QCN Fibre is helping bring current and prospective customers closer to iseek’s expanding regional investments.

“With its fibre network, QCN Fibre are breaking the expensive access services duopoly for Queenslanders,” Mr Gomersall said.

“These include the Northern Queensland Regional Data Centre and point of interconnection (POI) located in Townsville and the services provided from within the facility.

“It is also enhancing the prospects for iseek to make further investments in regional Queensland, a number of which we are currently exploring.

“These services are as a critical for businesses as traditional services like utilities energy, water and sanitation.

“iseek believed passionately in the improvement of regional ICT services as a critical factor in removing Australia’s digital divide – a key impediment to urban and regional economic equality and growth.

“Initiatives such as QCN are a welcome change in the carrier provider landscape that has been dominated by a duopoly primarily focused on major metropolitan areas.

“Regional areas are becoming more attractive as places to live in the current environment, and better ICT services provide a boost to liveability and for attracting businesses.”