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Meet Mick… Volunteer superstar and all-round legend

05 December 2022

In recognition of International Volunteer Day (5 December 2022), we’re celebrating local legend and much-loved member of the Samford Ruby League Club – Mick Hughes.

Mick has volunteered at the Samford Rugby League Club (Samford Stags) since 1992. On retirement from the Army in 1992, he moved to the Samford Valley and opened a small Business in Samford.

Being new to the area and with a young family, Mick believed that the best way to meet new people was to become involved with a local sporting facility. With a keen interest in Rugby League, he started playing touch football at the Samford Stags and as friendships grew, he became involved with the management committee for The Stags in 1993.

Running a small business in the local community, Mick had a desire to try to put something back into the community. At first, he believed it was going to be him putting something back into the community. How wrong he was.

Mick has gained more than he has put in over the years from being a volunteer with the Samford Stags. He has enjoyed watching children from age six come to the club and progress through the grades, some just wanting to play with their mates, others going on and playing rep football. Mick has seen the same players then turn up with their own kids years later to start the cycle again.

Mick feels that as you get older, being around younger people and helping them achieve their goals, keeps you young (at least at heart).

Many of the lifelong friendships he has made within the community have originated from volunteer work at the Samford Stags. Mick has stay involved as a volunteer with The Stags as he still gets a great deal of enjoyment from belonging to a community organisation that provides a venue for friendship, physical fitness, and community camaraderie.

He enjoys the sense of achievement after a fund-raising function, working bee or award presentation, knowing that in some small way he has helped other members of the club achieve their goals.

Mick would encourage anyone to get involved in volunteer work in their chosen field whether it be sport, welfare, or any community organisation. You will reap the rewards, as Mick has.