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Advance Queensland

Project overview

This $755 million innovation initiative supports programs and activities that drive innovation and economic growth and create jobs across all Queensland regions.

Innovative businesses are more profitable and competitive, and more likely to export and create more jobs.

By working with our existing regional industries and their inherent strengths, we can translate ideas into commercial success, to create pathways for new businesses and jobs for Queenslanders.

Advance Queensland focuses on developing Queensland’s strengths through engagement, collaborative initiatives, and investments in key projects that drive growth through innovation.

We work with nine Queensland Government departments and in partnership with industry, businesses, universities, startups, investors and the Queensland Chief Entreprenuer to deliver more than 80 programs under the Advance Queensland initiative.


  • $755M Advance Queensland innovation investment

  • close to 27,000 jobs supported by Advance Queensland

  • 60% of Advance Queensland recipients in regional Queensland

Our $755 million Advance Queensland initiative is informed by recommendations from Harvard Professor Josh Lerner and has undergone extensive stakeholder consultation to identify our key future priorities:

Build on Queensland’s strengths

  • We will create jobs through innovation in our traditional strengths such as agriculture, manufacturing, resources and tourism.​
  • We will encourage new industries based on our state’s assets, like biofutures.

Back our region to compete globally

  • We will work with regional communities to grow their unique competitive advantage to build industries and create jobs.

Scale up local solutions for new markets

  • We will work together to scale up our entrepreneurs, startups, small-to-medium enterprises and businesses.​
  • We will help them commercialise ideas and link them to investors so they can make global connections.

Invest in science and technology to create jobs

  • We will use science and technology to commercialise research and solve the challenges facing Queensland and the world including climate change, protecting the Great Barrier Reef, and energy and water sustainability.

These priorities enable us to focus our efforts, solve our big challenges, ensure Queenslanders are prepared for the work of the future – and create jobs through innovation.

We are investing in all Queenslanders – whether you are an entrepreneur, startup or small business, an investor, university or researcher – Advance Queensland is committed to fostering and supporting your innovation journey.

Entrepreneurs and startups

We are boosting our entrepreneurial culture by improving access to finance, new business opportunities, and management support for startups and small to medium enterprises. We have more than 30 programs that support Queensland entrepreneurs and startups at all stages of their innovation journey including the Ignite Ideas Fund, Regional Startup Hubs Support Program, Female Founders Program and Deadly Deals.

Visit Advance Queensland for more information.


We are positioning Queensland as a place for industry to collaborate with entrepreneurs, universities, businesses and government to turn great ideas into commercial products and jobs creation. We provide funding, grants and support for our priority industries:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • aerospace
  • agriculture and food
  • biofutures
  • biomedical
  • defence
  • hydrogen
  • mining equipment,
  • technology and services (METS)
  • screen industry
  • resource recovery
  • tourism

Visit Advance Queensland for more information.


We are helping make Queensland an investment destination for businesses by building a collaborative environment between research bodies and industry. From funding and programs such as the Industry Attraction Fund, Regional Angel Investors Support Program and Innovation Partnership Grants, to supporting major events such as the BIO International Convention and QODE, Advance Queensland is helping to raise our profile as an attractive investment destination.

Visit Advance Queensland for more information.

Small Business

We are providing opportunities for small businesses to collaborate and build on their innovation and ideas, to help them grow and improve products and services, and compete in a global market. If you are looking for mentoring and networking opportunities, additional funding to take your business to the next level, educational workshops or events to showcase your business, Advance Queensland can support you.

Visit Advance Queensland for more information.

Universities and researchers

We are reinvigorating science, research and innovation to help create the knowledge-based jobs of the future. Our scholarships, programs and funding are supporting science and technology to commercialise research and solve the challenges facing Queensland and the world including climate change, protecting the Great Barrier Reef, and energy and water sustainability.

Visit Advance Queensland for more information.


July 2015

Advance Queensland launched with investment of $180M

June 2016

Increased funding to $405M

June 2017

Increased funding to $420M

January 2018

Increased funding to $513M

June 2018

Increased funding to $650M

June 2019

Increased funding to $755M

Last updated: 06 Jul 2021