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Project overview

Queensland is home to six international airports:

  • Brisbane Airport
  • Cairns Airport
  • Gold Coast Airport
  • Sunshine Coast Airport
  • Townsville Airport
  • Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport (freight only).

Queensland has other airports that welcome visitors from the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

We have a commitment to grow international visitation and expenditure in Queensland from eastern and western markets. We also support domestic services on a targeted basis that drives regional dispersal.

Our commitment includes:

  • Aviation Route Restart Program
  • Advance Queensland: Connecting with Asia Strategy
  • Attracting Aviation Investment Fund (AAIF)
  • Cairns Regional Aviation package.

Aviation Route Restart Program

  • COVID-19 and the cancellation of flights and aviation routes has had a significant impact in Queensland's tourism industry.
  • The Queensland Government has implemented a $15 million aviation recovery program under the Government's Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs plan.
  • Under this plan, funding has been provided to 16 Queensland airports to negotiate directly with airlines to fast track the return of aviation routes and develop new routes into regional Queensland and Brisbane from intrastate, interstate and other key markets.

The Advance Queensland: Connecting with Asia Strategy is about driving demand and growth from Asia. As part of this program we:

  • secured more direct international flights into Queensland
  • created innovative tourism products
  • built relationships with targeted Asian countries
  • drove digital connection
  • grew awareness of Queensland experiences.

The Attracting Aviation Investment Fund (AAIF) has attracted new air services and boosted the state’s tourism industry. It has generated increased overnight visitor expenditure and supported tourism jobs. In 2018, the Attracting Tourism Fund boosted the AAIF by $10 million. All funding is associated with marketing activity, ensuring that Queensland’s experiences and destinations remain the focus of aviation attraction activity.

The Cairns Regional Aviation package identified a sustainable solution to address the passenger and freight challenge in Tropical North Queensland. Supply chains in the region export millions of dollars of freight each year and involve the tourism, aquaculture and agriculture industries.

Asia is a key destination for both tourism and freight and keeping Cairns accessible to Asia is the priority for the Queensland Government in preparation for international borders reopening again to this region.


  • Attract new direct flights into Queensland

  • Create innovative tourism products

  • Build relationships with Asian countries

Last updated: 13 Jul 2021