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Browne Park

Project overview

Browne Park has been Rockhampton’s home of rugby league for more than 100 years and is home to the Central Queensland Capras. Browne Park received a new grandstand in 2006 and was further redeveloped in 2008.

Browne Park’s expansion offers Rockhampton and its surrounds the chance to become a magnet for national and international events and entertainers, as well as home and offering national and international sporting bodies an ideal year-round venue for games, training and coaching.


  • Assess proposal to expand Browne Park into major regional stadium

  • Investigate benefits in attracting more visitors to region

  • Potential to offer year-round facility for sport and entertainment

Frequently asked questions

  • To be Central Queensland’s leading venue for community, national and international level sporting (e.g. rugby league, rugby union and football) and entertainment (e.g. concerts and performances of international significance) events and also be a catalytic venue delivering high-quality public space and supporting urban regeneration.

  • Not in this process. Browne Park is an ideal location that does not flood and has operated successfully in suburban environment — not far from the CBD for more than 100 years. Like Suncorp is to Brisbane, Browne Park is to Rockhampton.  It has room for expansion and is shovel and job ready.

  • Stage 1 includes a rebuild of the western side of the Jack Crow Stand to offer nearly 4,000 seats.

    Stage 1 also includes a Plan that in time will add seating and facilities to the Albert and George street sides in the future.

  • It is envisaged there will be no changes to the current site that impacts traffic flow on the Bruce Highway, Murray, Albert and Cambridge streets.

    The end design of the stadium upgrade will also achieve near 10,000 more than 9,000-plus seats without having to close Murray Street.

  • No major alteration to the Rockhampton Leagues Club is envisaged.

  • Browne Park’s current crowd capacity is 5,200. The upgrade will increase the stadium to 9,000+ seats.

    The feasibility study will help determine the capacity of the developed stadium. An initial estimate is for a staged increase towards a group capacity of 10,000. The feasibility study will define and justify any variation (increase or decrease) to this number.

  • Transport and parking solutions will continue to be investigated through Stage 1.

  • The potential redevelopment at Browne Park will be provide a contemporary multi-purpose facility that will support all codes of football (rectangular field) as well as other events that need a stadium or large venue space.

  • The redevelopment of Browne Park could create around 60 jobs for the region.

  • Given approvals and contractual necessities works could begin in late 2020 or in early 2021. Further stages will be progressed when Stage 1 is complete. Timeframes for the construction of any redevelopment will be released in due course.

Community engagement

We welcome your feedback on this project.

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Last updated: 18 Dec 2020