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Heron Island

Situated on natural coral cay 72km from Gladstone, Heron Island provides a genuine eco-experience that caters for all levels of marine enthusiasts. With 24 hectares of coral reef surrounding the island, the resort offers guests the opportunity to snorkel straight off the beach or dive at one of the 20 easily accessible sites.

Project overview

Heron Island Resort is an EcoCertified Advanced Ecotourism accredited business. With support from the Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts Rejuvenation Program, the resort is continuing to implement improved sustainability practices and reduce its carbon footprint by:

  • adopting improved renewable energy alternatives to reduce reliance on diesel fuel;
  • implementing further waste management practices with a new composting system, wood chipper, cardboard shredder and glass crusher; and
  • cleaning up legacy waste to maintain the pristine nature of the island.


  • Supporting progress towards 100% solar power

  • Minimising waste volume and disposal costs

  • Showcasing commitment to genuine ecotourism and environmental practice

Last updated: 01 Jul 2020