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Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort

Hayman Island is the closest Whitsunday Island to the outer Reef and has been an iconic part of the Whitsundays for the past seven decades.

Project overview

Devastated by a tropical cyclone in 2017, Intercontinental Hayman Island Resort has been rebuilt. With our help, the luxury resort is improving its sustainability and resilience and becoming more energy efficient.

  • in-room technology including lights automatically turning off and blinds closing when a guest exists a room to keep the rooms cool and conserve energy
  • a unique glass-to-sand crusher to reduce waste transportation to the mainland and maintain the resort pathways with recycled glass bottles
  • kitchen waste composters convert organic waste to liquid for maintaining plants and lawns throughout the island
  • integrated building management system to identify efficiencies.

These green technologies will reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste to landfill.

Works are also underway to ensure:

  • sustainable approaches to safeguarding the surrounding environment
  • enhanced protection with a reconstructed seawall so the resort can continue to operate even after a natural disaster.


  • Reduce 300 tonnes of CO2 per annum

  • Remove 100,000 kilograms per annum of waste to landfill

  • Increased resilience to natural disasters

Last updated: 01 Jul 2020