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Wilson Island

Wilson Island is the ultimate castaway experience. Located just north of the Tropic of Capricorn, the island covers five acres and is an important habitat for many species. The island has strict environmental controls due to its location in the Great Barrier Reef no touch no take 'Green Zone', including minimal visitor numbers and restricted access during the nesting season.

Project overview

Wilson Island is an eco-tourism destination with luxury tents, renewable energy and a commitment to environmentally sustainable practises.

With support from the Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts Rejuvenation Program:

  • Wilson Island has re-opened to guests
  • 100% solar and battery powered. Generating a clean source of power preserves the peace and quiet of this pristine area
  • nine eco-lux tents now provide a new eco-tourism experience
  • the island has an environmentally secure waste water treatment plant.


  • Re-open the acclaimed Wilson Island

  • Renewable energy powering the resort

  • Grow regional tourism and jobs

Last updated: 21 Jul 2020