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Great Keppel Island Rejuvenation Project

Funding will be used to deliver new tourism infrastructure to support tourism on the island with options under consideration including:

  • cyclone rated jetty
  • barge slant boat ramp
  • solar with backup generators
  • visitor facilities including amenities, shade and seating
  • rehabilitate existing walking trails
  • new walking trails
  • viewing platform.

We are undertaking investigations into these options and working with Queensland Government agencies, Livingstone Shire Council and other key stakeholders to determine priorities to be delivered under the Project. Current investigations are focussed on improving access to the island in line with local stakeholder feedback.

Infrastructure delivered under the Great Keppel Island Rejuvenation Project will support the outcomes of the Great Keppel Island Master Plan which is currently being developed by the Queensland Government.


  • Generate jobs and economic growth

  • Private sector investment back to the region

  • Offer unique tourism experiences

Last updated: 01 Jul 2022