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Australian Age of Dinosaurs

Project overview

The Queensland Outback is home to clear skies and dozens of dinosaur tracks. The observatory will complement the attraction’s international certification as Australia’s first International Dark-Sky Sanctuary.

The March of the Titanosaurs exhibit will contain:

  • two life-sized sauropods
  • two ornithopods
  • five coelurosaurs cast in bronze.

The exhibition will be a welcome addition to Australia's largest dinosaur fossil collection. Supporting the new attractions will be key operational infrastructure including:

  • paths
  • seating
  • lighting
  • a shuttle bus shelter station
  • roadway.

Further information

Visit the Australian Age of Dinosaurs website


  • Build Australia’s first International Dark-Sky Sanctuary

  • Support eight construction and six operational jobs

  • Increase visitations by 250 per cent over the first five years

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020