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Gold Coast Artificial Dive Attraction

Project overview

We have partnered with the Gold Coast City Council to create a site that will be perfect for dive enthusiasts.

Located 2.5 kilometres offshore, the purpose-built reef will create eco-experiences for divers and accessible most of the year. The new attraction will bring a variety of marine life to the area and stand 16 to 20 metres above the ocean floor.

The concept design is going through consultation and is the work of a Queensland artist.

The reef will have a low environmental impact thanks to its location on a sandy seabed and low-lying outcrops in a 500-metre exclusion zone.


  • Support 18 construction and 82 operational jobs

  • Attract additional 16,600 visitors annually

  • Grow local economy by $2.04 million each year

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020