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Moreton Rafting Fast Tour Boats

Project overview

With our support, this service will make the waters of Moreton Bay more accessible and link attractions along the river in South East Queensland.

Each fast tour boat can travel up to 45 knots and take about 75-90 minutes from Brisbane CBD to the islands. Covered in a design inspired by the works of Traditional artists, the boats will carry up to 30 people.

Departure points:

  • the new Queen’s Wharf terminal
  • the Cruise Ship Terminal at Portside
  • Howard Smith Wharves and
  • other river access hub pontoons.


  • Support up to six construction and 15 operational jobs

  • Attract more than 62,000 visitors each year

  • Grow local economy by $6.28 million each year

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020