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Six Day Walk Scenic Rim Trail

Project overview

Across the South East Queensland border lies part of the 180 million year old, Heritage Listed Gondwana Rainforests. The rainforests are like those that once covered the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana but have reduced to these isolated pockets on the east coast.

With our support, Spicers Retreats will open the Scenic Rim Trail for a world class, long-range six-day and five night walking experience. Expanded by 27.2 kilometres, the full public walking trail will be over 50 kilometres in length.

Twelve guided walkers will be able to hike to a new location and stay overnight in low-impact sustainable eco-camps. The two new low-impact sustainable eco-camps, within the Main Range National Park, will complement three others at Mt Mistake, Clumber and Canopy. Each site will include modular prefabricated buildings with connecting walkways, water tanks and solar energy.

Construction will include:

  • Amphitheatre Eco-camp
  • Woodcutters Eco-camp
  • improved public facilities including vehicle parking at the trail head and public bush camps
  • completion of new public walking trails
  • training of local guides.

Further information


  • Attract extra 1,300 visitors each year

  • Grow local economy by $5 million annually

  • Support 22 construction and 26 operational jobs

Last updated: 21 Dec 2020