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This Queensland company has gone global with its artificial heart device which takes over the complete function of a patient’s failing heart.

In Australia heart failure affects more than 300,000 people per year. For these patients, drug therapy is a limited, relatively ineffective option and although a heart transplant would meet their needs, only 4000 donor hearts are available globally each year.

BiVACOR is the Queensland company that has gone global with its artificial heart device for patients with end-stage heart failure who need support while on a heart transplant waiting list or who do not qualify for a transplant.

Founded by QUT student at the time, Chief Executive Officer Daniel Timms, BiVACOR is now a globally recognised company thanks to support from Advance Queensland.

“BiVACOR started as a QUT student project and is now an international company pursuing the medical holy grail – a total artificial heart that may become the first viable alternative to a heart transplantation,” Mr Timms said.

“The small, compact device uses proven rotary blood-pump technology to provide the required cardiac output and is designed to be a long-term device that can replace the total function of the patient’s native heart.

“As recipients of two Advance Queensland programs, we were able to significantly improve the size, functionality and robustness of the Total Artificial Heart controller.

“This progress not only led to follow-up funding from Australian investors but also allowed the integration of NASA into the development process, as well as support from renowned heart specialists.”

With headquarters in Queensland and the USA, BiVACOR is a great example of how the right government funding can help startups commercialise their ideas and expand to global markets.

We are so proud of BiVACOR and their world-class engineers, medical specialists, and business executives who are diligently working to advance this ground-breaking technology, and Making it Great in Queensland!

Last updated: 22 Sep 2020