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Defence equipment supplier GaardTech is innovating the way troops prepare for battle.

This Brisbane-based startup, founded by Australian veterans, is the first company worldwide to invent a flat-packed, full-size, steel, robotic military training system for defence combat training which is cost-effective and realistically replicates targets like tanks and missile launchers.

With all products locally fabricated in just six short weeks from Brisbane-based steel supply chains, GaardTech is helping to grow the state’s reputation as a national and international hub for defence innovations and manufacturing – and the proof is in the pudding.

To date, the company has already proven the demand for their technology with every order or paid trial of their targets leading to repeat sales for the company.

It have established contracts with the Australian Defence Force’s Army and Air Force and the UK Ministry of Defence, has gained interest from other allied military forces and in 2019, their products were used in a joint Australian Army – US Marines training exercise in north Queensland.

In 2019, the company became a recipient of the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund, receiving a grant that has put their innovation in the spotlight and opened the door to the world’s biggest, lucrative defence markets in the United States and European Union.

Looking to the future, this innovative Queensland company plans on showcasing their target system at major military shows and exhibitions around the globe.

Once their international customer base is established, GaardTech expects its full-time workforce to grow to 50 staff.

Last updated: 12 Sep 2020