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Cobbold Gorge Glass Bridge

With our support, Australia's first fully glass bridge now stands in the Gulf Savannah region of Outback Queensland. The bridge spans the width of Cobbold Gorge, allowing visitors to walk over the sandstone cliffs and peer into the water below.

Project overview

Engineered to the highest standards, the transparent bridge closes a gap that was inaccessible to visitors. It also provides extra viewing opportunities along the length of the gorge.

Complementing the new bridge is an interpretive walk to the escarpment above and an electric boat cruise through the gorge below.

Fast facts about the Cobbold Gorge fully glass bridge:

  • walkway width is two metres
  • glass floor panels and glass balustrades on the sides
  • 11 metres long
  • 41mm thick glass.

Further information


  • Built Australia's first fully glass bridge

  • Attract tourists to Outback Queensland

  • Supported 20 construction and 2 operational jobs

Construction time-lapse

Construction time-lapse of Australia's first fully glass bridge.

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020