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The Brisbane Line

The 'Brisbane line' was an alleged plan during World War II to surrender the northern part of Australia in the event of a Japanese invasion.

Project overview

With our support, this project will create a tourism attraction to highlight Charleville's World War II heritage.

Based at Charleville Airport, the new infrastructure will house:

  • a replica US WWII plane
  • memorabilia
  • digital tourism experiences related to Queensland's WWII heritage on the Brisbane Line.

Three immersive digital experiences will use augmented and virtual reality technology, thanks to support from an Advance Queensland Fellowship.

A Tourism Experiential Lab will allow researchers to assess the emotional response to digital tourism.


  • Create new tourism attraction in Charleville

  • Educate visitors about Charleville's World War II heritage

  • Offer digital tourism experiences

Last updated: 11 Feb 2020