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Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund

Queensland is home to world-class Indigenous tourism experiences and has the unique ability for visitors to experience both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

To enhance the current Indigenous tourism offerings, we are investing $7 million into the Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund (Fund).

This Fund will be delivered over two years to support the development of new and sustainable Indigenous tourism products and experiences that will encourage high value travellers to visit Queensland.

Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund update

As part of the Year of Indigenous Tourism, the $7 million Growing Indigenous Tourism in Queensland Fund Expression of Interest (EOI) received strong industry response with DTIS receiving 130 Fund EOIs Category 1 and Category 2 totalling approximately $37 million.

This result demonstrates strong demand for the Fund and reflects the high level of opportunity for Indigenous tourism development within Queensland. While the Fund was highly competitive, DTIS will continue to collaborate with other government agencies and organisations to ensure that Fund EOI applicants that were unsuccessful for the Fund remain supported in their business development needs to progress.

DTIS Our Country Indigenous Tourism Development Service officers would be pleased to assist Fund EOI applicants. Email for more information or to connect with our dedicated Indigenous tourism business development officers in Cairns and Brisbane.

The Fund Guidelines have been revised to extend the project completion date from 30 June 2021 to 30 September 2021, as a result of the impacts of COVID-19.

The outcome of the Fund is as follows:

Aims and objectives

The Fund aims to support the development and growth of sustainable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tourism businesses and increase the capability of these businesses to deliver high quality tourism products and experiences.

The key objectives of the Fund are to:

  1. Support the development of new, unique and Innovative Indigenous tourism products and experiences in Queensland, particularly in regional areas and eco-tourism, and support the growth of sustainable Indigenous owned tourism businesses that will contribute to increasing overnight visitor expenditure for Queensland;
  2. Increase the ability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander owned business to develop and/or deliver enhanced Indigenous tourism products and experiences and/or develop strong business cases that can be used to advance these opportunities to market or secure funding from other sources to establish and deliver the tourism product or experience;
  3. Directly improve economic opportunities and create now jobs or career pathways for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders; and
  4. Provide a broader benefit to Queensland's economy by driving economic development and diversity in communities.

Funding categories

Funding is offered under the following project categories:

  1. Develop: to progress the development of a concept for an Indigenous tourism product or experience:
    1. Maximum funding $25,000
    2. No minimum funding criteria
    3. No matched funding required
  2. Deliver: to enhance Indigenous tourism by delivering a product or experience, or improving/developing built infrastructure and facilities:
    1. Maximum funding $1 million
    2. Minimum funding $250,000
    3. At least 30% matched funding required.

Applicants can seek funding from other non-Queensland Government or industry sources for the project to support the matched funding requirement. Matched funding can be a mixture of in-kind and cash contributions.

Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 18 Dec 2020