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Young Tourism Leaders

Project overview

Young Tourism Leaders are role models who champion career opportunities in the Queensland tourism industry. Through our Program, the leaders inspire Queensland’s next generation to pursue a career in tourism.

Our Leaders have found success early and have a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice. They share personal and professional stories related to their career journey so far, and highlight the everyday benefits a role in tourism can offer.

The role of a Young Tourism Leader includes:

  • making presentations in schools
  • engaging with vocational and tertiary students
  • taking part in careers events
  • networking within the tourism industry.

Leaders work across all regions of Queensland and exceed in a variety of different roles highlighting the diversity of opportunities for a career in tourism.

The Young Tourism Leaders are passionate about helping shape future career pathways for young people and are keen to make an impact on the future development of Queensland tourism.


  • Promote tourism careers to young people

  • Ensure our tourism workforce is sustainable

  • Share success stories and knowledge


  • As a Young Tourism Leader, I am given the opportunity to encourage young people to choose a career in tourism and realise the opportunities it offers especially in regional and remote locations such as Outback Queensland. Working at Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach has been an incredibly rewarding experience as I have gained invaluable experience and skills that will benefit me throughout my career but I have also had the opportunity to work in a community based museum which through a variety of extraordinary exhibitions and displays, tells the unique story of one of Australian’s histories, the history of Qantas.

    Nicole Kuttner, Young Tourism Leader

Last updated: 16 Nov 2021