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Activate Environments

Inspire activity with places and spaces that invite an active lifestyle.

Deliver quality and accessible places and spaces

  • Deliver infrastructure solutions that respond to community needs, improve accessibility and inspire activity.
  • Develop physical activity spaces to be industry-leading, inspiring the community to be active.
  • Identify how precincts can provide support for Queenslanders, including children and young people from disadvantaged communities and Queenslanders located in regional and remote areas, enabling them to access quality physical activity opportunities.
  • Explore opportunities to intersect and leverage other social infrastructure including neighbourhood and community centres.

Improve liveability and activity in our communities

  • Encourage Queenslanders to get out and live active lifestyles in natural and built environments, including walking and cycling networks and recreation trails.
  • Ensure educational settings are built to prioritise physical activity and opened for community use including in new schools.
  • Apply social infrastructure best-practice planning and design principles in the development of sport and recreation places and spaces.
  • Identify and plan for future sport and recreation infrastructure projects that meet community needs through an integrated approach across all levels of government.

Success looks like

  • places and spaces supporting physical activity for everyone
  • increased access to physical activity facilities
  • fit-for-purpose places and spaces for physical activity
  • collaborations improving community physical activity outcomes.

Stay informed

Case study: Collaboration scores for Tully netballers

A collaboration between the Tully Netball Association and Tully State High School means almost 200 junior and senior local netballers will be shooting goals for many years to come.

Accessing the high school’s more modern playing facilities has given Tully Netball greater flexibility in its scheduling and improved safety for its participants.

This unique on-and-off-court relationship has already secured lights for the high school’s existing outdoor courts and plans are underway to invest in additional infrastructure that meets the community’s needs. This includes resurfacing existing outdoor courts, seating, covers and ventilation, additional courts and a canteen.

These proposals align with Netball Queensland’s Strategic Plan and could significantly improve access to netballing opportunities for Cassowary Coast residents.

Last updated: 15 Feb 2021