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Active Industry Project Fund

The Active Industry Project Fund is the latest strategy initiative to be delivered by Sport and Recreation under the Activate! Queensland Strategy. Through Activate! Queensland, the Queensland Government is committed to supporting an active industry growing in capability to meet the needs of Queenslanders.

The Active Industry Project Fund provides competitive grant funding to Queensland state level sport and active recreation organisations and Industry Peak Bodies for:

  • Category 1: Participation Offerings: establish or expand diverse, inclusive and responsive offerings to increase participation; or
  • Category 2: Affiliate Services: establish or expand services to affiliates to increase their efficiency and capability.

Read the Active Industry Project Fund guidelines (PDF, 1.2MB) for more detail about program requirements.


Active Industry Project Fund will provide funding to the sport and active recreation industry to increase their efficiency and capability and provide diverse, inclusive and responsive quality services and offerings to enhance participation for Queenslanders.

Funding of $1.278 million (GST exclusive) is available to support projects up to $75,000 (GST exclusive).

Key dates

6 October 2021 Open for applications
3 November 2021 Program closes for applications at 5pm (AEST)
January 2022 Successful projects announced
31 December 2022 Projects completed
28 February 2023 Project acquitted and reports submitted

Who can apply?

All organisations must meet the following criteria to apply for the program:

  • operate as a state level not-for-profit organisation and be incorporated under the:
    • Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Queensland)
    • Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth)
    • Co-operatives National Law Act 2020
    • Corporations (Aboriginal & Torres Strait) Act 2006 (Commonwealth)
  • At time of program close, organisations must:
    • have no outstanding compliance issues with Office of Fair Trading
    • have met all obligations for projects currently funded by the department; and
    • have no debt owing to the department.


Additionally, organisations are required to meet the following criteria based on their type of organisation.

State Level Organisations

  • have a primary objective of sport and/or active recreation in their constitution for an eligible sport or active recreation activity (refer to Appendix 2 in the Active Industry Project Fund guidelines (PDF, 1.2MB))
  • either:
    • be the recognised state affiliated member of the national organisation or the National Sporting Organisation operating under a one management model or similar, recognised by Sport Australia
    • be a State Organisation Ordinary/Affiliate Member of Outdoors Queensland.

Industry Peak Bodies

Federated or Unitary Model organisations

Organisations operating under federated or unitary models such as One Management or similar, can apply for funding under the program (contingent upon meeting the above eligibility conditions). These organisations must however maintain a separate record of all financial transactions incurred in carrying out the services related to the funding in Queensland, evidencing that all funding has been spent on delivery of services in Queensland.

How to apply

To apply for funding under this program, your organisation must be registered in the Sport and Recreation Grant Registration Portal (GRP).

Applications must be submitted using the online application form by 5pm (AEST) on Wednesday 3 November 2021.

Please note that the online applicant portal is not compatible with mobile devices.

If further assistance is required to complete the online application, email


Total funding of $1.278 million (GST exclusive) is available to support projects up to $75,000 (GST exclusive).

Eligible organisations will be able to apply for 1 project, with funding amounts tiered based on organisation type and full active membership.

State Level Organisations

Full Active Members*

Funding available

Greater than 10,001

up to $75,000 (GST exclusive)

1501 to 10,000

up to $50,000 (GST exclusive)

Up to 1,500

up to $25,000 (GST exclusive)

Industry Peak Bodies


up to $75,000 (GST exclusive)

*To determine the full active members the department will consider the average full active members for the calendar year over 2018 - 2020 period. The definition of ‘full active member’ can be found at Appendix 1.

Eligible projects

There are two categories of projects available for funding under this program.

Category 1: Participation offerings

These projects must establish or expand diverse, inclusive and responsive offerings to increase participation.

Example projects

  • modified participation offerings to encourage diverse, inclusive, and responsive participation
  • expanded delivery or development of programs for specific demographics or locations
  • development and delivery of programs and initiatives through different mediums
  • research or feasibility study in relation to participation offerings

Category 2: Affiliate services

These projects must establish or expand services to affiliates to increase their efficiency and capability.

Example projects

  • operational efficiency projects that reduce volunteer burden
  • technological improvement to increase efficiency
  • establish a knowledge hub to facilitate shared learnings to improve efficiency and capability of affiliates
  • increase capability of the management committee through tailored leadership or training initiatives
  • research or feasibility study in relation to affiliate services

What are the next steps?

Organisations should:

Organisations seeking guidance regarding the suitability of their eligibility may contact the Sport and Recreation Partnerships Office ( allowing sufficient time for feedback prior to the closing date (minimum of one week prior to the closing date).

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Last updated: 06 Oct 2021