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Supporting new and innovative products or services to get more Queenslanders active, more often and to strengthen the capability of organisations in the active industry.

About the fund

ActiveKIT (Knowledge | Innovation | Technology) is an exciting initiative to come out of the Activate! Queensland 2019 – 2029 strategy and is a call to action to ‘shift the dial’ on investment in the Active Industry to drive physical activity participation in Queensland.

The initiative, delivered in collaboration with Health and Wellbeing Queensland, aims to encourage better utilisation of knowledge, harnessing innovation and leveraging technology to enable more Queenslanders to be physically active more often, and to strengthen the capability of organisations to provide products and services that get Queenslanders moving.

What we’ve achieved

Through round 1 we provided $4.1 million in funding to deliver 39 innovative solutions to encourage more Queenslanders to get moving and make the active industry more resilient.

Round 1 funding recipients

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Last updated: 18 Aug 2022