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ActiveKIT case studies

Below are case studies of projects previously funded by the Department, and are examples of innovative solutions which respond to the outlined Challenges in ActiveKIT.

Fitter for Life – Gymnastics Queensland

Gymnastics Queensland set out to design a gymnastics program to increase physical activity for older adults (50+) through improving mobility, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility in a fun, social and welcoming environment.

Utilising health and physical activity data, Gymnastics Queensland saw the need to improve physical activity and health outcomes for older adults and wanted to promote gymnastics as a 'sport for everybody'.

Fitter for Life was implemented in gymnastics clubs and aged-care facilities throughout Queensland and provided new skills to gymnastics coaches through the delivery of training workshops for coaches on how to deliver the program.  Fitter for Life also provided resources and promotional materials to clubs and the local community to assist with the alignment and engagement of clubs in partnership with aged care organisations.

The intended outcomes of Fitter for Life included:

  • gymnastics being recognised by adults (50+) as the sport of choice
  • partnerships with relevant aged care service providers throughout Queensland
  • upskilled coaches
  • full utilisation of venues (with clubs conducting Fitter for Life during down time between 9am and 3pm)
  • improved financial sustainability of member clubs due to more diversified revenue streams

Come and try sessions were conducted across Queensland, including during Seniors Week to attract participants. Longevity of the program was important to Gymnastics Queensland, as such collaboration has been a key focus of the program, with clubs developing partnerships with local governments enabling sustainability and affordability for participants.

As of 2019 there were 22 clubs delivering Fitter for Life with 6000 plus members and was the largest member base in Australia. In further showcasing the program’s success, Fitter for Life has now been adopted nationally with Queensland leading the development of resources and courses.

For more information visit or preview a class.

OwnUrGoal – Basketball Queensland

Basketball Queensland set out to develop a database accessible from mobile devices that enabled the capture of data related to the performance of players and officials. The unique feedback tool allowed the athlete and their parents or the basketball official to track their progress throughout their basketball journey, in addition to collecting data and improving the decision-making process for player development programs and athlete training load monitoring.

It was important that the tool be available to organisations at all levels (club, association and state) with intended outcomes including:

  • reduce the amount of labour required to deliver feedback solutions from 60 hours per team to less than 5 hours per team), a significant cost saving.
  • reduce feedback turnaround time to athletes, coaches and officials from two weeks to less than two days.
  • improve monitoring of athlete training loads reducing the risk of injury and drop-out.

OwnUrGoal was subsequently developed and since 2018 has been rolled out across Queensland with all associations using the platform for processing junior and senior representative registrations, including state championship and state trials registrations and payments.

OwnUrGoal has since diversified into other elements of team and sports management to include coaching courses, accreditation management, communication, and creation of tracking events (including bookings). As of 2019 there were 18,000 users on the platform.

For more information visit or view the video.

Last updated: 17 Mar 2021