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Torres Strait Community Sport and Recreation Program

The Torres Strait Community Sport and Recreation Program provides funding to an organisation to:

  • enable culturally appropriate physical activities that address community-identified and prioritised needs
  • support appropriate physical activity participation
  • administer a small grants program to support travel to competitions.

Funding of $127,500 (GST exclusive) is available under this program.

Read the guidelines  (PDF, 2.6MB) for more detail about program requirements.

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The objective of the program is to provide funding to an organisation to coordinate and facilitate the delivery of community focused sport and active recreation for the Torres Strait Inner Island communities of Muralug (Prince of Wales), Nurupai (Horn Island), Waiben (Thursday Island) and Gealug (Friday Island) and to administer grants for travel to competitions.

The approved organisation will:

  • engage with community to further understand demand and supply of sport and recreation services provided to Muralug (Prince of Wales), Nurupai (Horn Island), Waiben (Thursday Island) and Gealug (Friday Island) communities
  • develop a project plan to meet needs, utilising existing service delivery and infrastructure where possible
  • deliver on an approved project plan
  • design and administer a small grants project to provide support to individual athletes to travel to cluster and regional/state competitions.

Key dates

15 October 2021 Expression of Interest (EOI) opens
22 October 2021 EOI closes at 5pm AEST
26 October 2021 Organisations notified about EOI outcome
26 October 2021 Application opens to shortlisted organisations
15 November 2021 Applications close to shortlisted organisations at 5pm AEST
December 2021 Successful project announced
1 Jan 2022 Project can commence (subject to approval)
30 June 2022 Project completed
30 September 2022 Project acquitted and reports submitted

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Who can apply?

For an organisation to be eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) they must:

  • be either a local or regional not-for-profit sport or active recreation organisation or not-for-profit community organisation that:
    • is registered with an Australian Business Number (ABN);
    • is currently incorporated under the:
      • Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Queensland)
      • Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth)
      • Cooperatives Act 1997 (Queensland)
      • Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Commonwealth); or
      • Queensland local governments constituted under the Local Government Act 2009 (Queensland); or
      • Is a schools or tertiary institution
  • be physically located within the Torres Shire Local Government Area and deliver services from a physical address within this area
  • have an organisational structure in place that can meet the project requirements
  • currently deliver projects for Muralug, Nurupai, Waiben or Gealug
  • be able to coordinate, develop and deliver regular sport and active recreation projects to all age groups, genders and abilities
  • be able to administer a small grant project across all the Torres Strait Islands (Inner and Outer)
  • currently have paid staff to enable it to meet the project requirements.

At the time of the Expression of Interest close, application close and time of payment, organisations must:

  • have no outstanding compliance issues with Office of Fair Trading
  • have met all obligations for projects currently funded by the department; and
  • have no debt owing to the department.

If unsure of the organisation’s eligibility, please contact the Sport and Recreation Far North Queensland office on (07) 4222 5236 or email before submitting an Expression of Interest. Additionally, contact the Office of Fair Trading to determine whether the organisation has any outstanding compliance issues.

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Eligible projects

The proposed project must aim to:

  • increase participation in physical activity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • build skills and knowledge of sport and active recreation clubs and organisations
  • develop collaborations and partnerships resulting in needs-based delivery of sport and active recreation.

The department will fund components from the categories below:

Category 1 – Employment and related costs for the inner islands

  • Support funding for employment costs and/or contract positions that support an active community
  • Supports the operating costs of the project

Project components examples

  • Salary subsidy, and related on-costs, for full-time, part-time and/or casual employment
  • Professional development of employees to deliver and/or facilitate sport and active recreation
  • Recruitment costs
  • Operational costs including, stationery, producing reports required under the grant deed
  • General audit/accounting fees associated with the activity
  • Advertising and promotion associated with the activity

Category 2 – Participation and equipment for the inner islands

  • Build capacity
  • Reduce the barriers and support ongoing participation in physical activity by:
    • Coordinating localised competitions
    • Implementing physical activities
    • Purchasing equipment for physical activities

Project components examples

  • Accreditation and training of volunteers in delivery and governance
  • Establishing a volunteer management project
  • Provision of a communication mechanism to increase involvement of community in sport and active recreation
  • Develop a community sport and recreation plan, including a delivery project
  • Provide support for community members participating in sport and active recreation competition and training
  • Provide sport and recreation activities and/or competitions and events within community
  • create and deliver new activities/modified projects
  • partner with an existing or new project that provides activity for community
  • costs related to contractors delivering or facilitating sport and active recreation projects

Category 3 – Small grant project initiatives (to benefit people from both inner and outer islands)

  • Travel to local, regional or state level competitions

Project components examples

  • airfares
  • fuel
  • accommodation

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What are the next steps?

Organisations should:

Organisations seeking guidance regarding the suitability of their eligibility may email the Sport and Recreation Far North Office allowing sufficient time for feedback prior to the closing date.

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Last updated: 15 Oct 2021